Foam 10mm

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thickness: 10 mm

widht: 1,37 m

meters on a roll: 11 m

available only in 137 cm width

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How to deal with the purchase of several lengths? Examples:
  • You need 2 items of 2.00 meters -> you order 4.00 meters and in the comment to the order you provide: 2 pieces of 2.00 meters
  • You need 1.50 meter + 6.00 meters = 7.50 meters -> you order 7.50 meters, in the comment to the order you provide: 1 piece - 1.50 meter + 1 piece - 6.00 meters
  • You need 2 items of 1.00 meter and 1 piece 6.40 meters = 8.40 meters -> you order 8.40 meters, in the comment to the order you provide: 2 pieces of 1.00 meter + 1 piece 6.40 meters

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The increase in quality carpets:
The use of foam "Superfloor" under the carpet, increases the comfort of its terms, carpet becomes softer, thicker and more comfortable.
Using foam "Superfloor" take care of your joints and reduces the risk of injury.

High acoustic comfort:
Foam "Superfloor" silences the room. It provides protection against the penetration of sound from outside the room and reduces sound transmission to the outside.
It is recommended for rooms where sound equipment will be installed.

Thermal insulation properties:
It has very good insulating properties. Used under the carpet also warms the room. Eliminates 'cold floors'.

Economy and Ecology:
Foam "Superfloor" is a material efficient. In the case of permanent installation into the ground through the closed structure, reduces the consumption of the adhesive.
"Superfloor" is made of re-tied foam is therefore environmentally friendly material.

Easy to install:
Foam develops easily from the roll. Enough scissors or Stanley knife to cut the foam, respectively.

Density: 90 kg/m3
thickness - 10 mm, width - 1370 mm
Rolls of 12 m in a plastic bag
Thermal conductivity: 0.7 W / mK
Sound absorption coefficient: Lw = 15 - 44 dB

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