Carpet BONO 8441 circle bunny sailor cream / blue

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thickness of the carpet: 4 mm

total weight: about 1,10 kg/m2

type of yarn: Polyester

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The BONO rugs - beautiful and comfortable, designed with children in mind.

A children's rug is not only a practical element of room furnishing, but also an important factor in supporting development during play. Properly chosen to suit the preferences of both the parent and the child, it will serve as a beautiful and highly practical decoration. In the room of the youngest children, a rug will work great as a play mat, introducing an interesting element to develop sensory experiences and creating a safe zone.
For older children, it will work well as an accentuating element to highlight a favorite motif and warm up the room.

Children's rugs from the BONO collection combine beautiful colours with motifs that all children love. Each rug is soft and pleasant to the touch, providing the child with high comfort during floor play. The low pile is also a completely safe environment for play, as even the smallest toy parts won't get tangled in the rug's fibers. BONO children's rugs are machine washable. This is a huge advantage, as playtime often results in many stains. Thanks to the possibility of quick washing, there is no need to worry about excessive cleaning. It's also a great solution for allergy sufferers - the rug is always clean and free from irritating allergens.

Characteristic features of rugs from the BONO collection:

  • Beautiful, muted colours combined with motifs beloved by the youngest will perfectly complement the arrangement of any children's room;
  • Made of 100% polyester - a material highly resistant to mechanical damage and crushing;
  • The 4mm pile is very pleasant to the touch and safe - even the smallest toy elements won't get lost in it;
  • Rugs can be machine washed - making cleaning exceptionally easy, quick, and pleasant;
  • They are suitable for allergy sufferers - the fully synthetic material they are made of does not cause allergies or irritations. Additionally, the possibility of washing it facilitates keeping the rug impeccably clean;
  • They will also work great with underfloor heating.

Make your child's room a cozy, comfortable, and above all, safe place for play and development. Children's rugs from the BONO collection are the perfect addition that the youngest ones will love.




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