Runner SISAL TIMO design 6272 black PLAIN

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thickness of the carpet: 6 mm

total weight: about 1,20 kg/m2

type of yarn: 100% polypropylene

country of origin: Belgium

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  • You need 1.50 meter + 6.00 meters = 7.50 meters -> you order 7.50 meters, in the comment to the order you provide: 1 piece - 1.50 meter + 1 piece - 6.00 meters
  • You need 2 items of 1.00 meter and 1 piece 6.40 meters = 8.40 meters -> you order 8.40 meters, in the comment to the order you provide: 2 pieces of 1.00 meter + 1 piece 6.40 meters

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Hallway runner - a solution that will help you keep the whole house clean.

The halls and corridors are one of the most visited spaces in every home.
They cannot be avoided. When entering most of the apartments, we take the first step in the hall, and the next step in the corridor that leads to the other rooms.
These are also places where we most often welcome our guests.
That is why it is worth taking care not only of a cozy atmosphere in these interiors, but also considering what solutions to apply so that the dirt brought from the outside doesn't spread throughout the apartment.
Rug runners are not only a beautiful decoration. They also help to keep the house clean.
They are the ones standing on the front line with the shoes we wear outside.
In addition, they provide users with great comfort. There is no doubt that it is much more pleasant to put your foot on a soft carpet than on cold tiles or panels.
Each place becomes more cozy when we place there soft rug runner. Placing the runner in the hall is also very important if there are children in the house.
When playing, running or learning to walk, it is the runner that protects against slipping or absorbs falls.
Carpet runner is also perfect in the kitchen. Placed on the floor next to the worktop, it protects the tiles from getting dirty.
It provides a pleasant feeling and warmth underfoot when cooking.

Which runner should you choose to perfectly fulfill its functions in the hall or kitchen?

Choosing the color and size of the runner is a very individual matter. It all depends on your taste, decor and a number of other preferences.
However, it is worth focusing on the length of the bristles. The corridor, hall or kitchen are places where it's easy to get dirty.
We often carry a lot of sand on our shoes, crumbs fall off in the kitchen or something spills out. To get rid of dirt easily, choose short-pile rugs.
They're very easy to vacuum, and in the case of wet stains, a cloth is enough to remove the dirt.
Our online store offers runners in ready-made sizes and cut to the meter, thanks to which we can easily adjust the product to individual needs.

Characteristic features of this runner:
- Made of high-quality material that is very durable and soft to the touch;
- Fashionable colors bring a warm atmosphere to the interior and perfectly fit into almost any arrangement;
- Densely woven bristles are easy to keep clean;
- Safe even when using underfloor heating;
- OEKO-TEX certified;
- To increase the safety and comfort of use, we recommend purchasing a non-slip mat under the pavement.



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